Recent Delegates

State Convention

  • 2021: John Lynch, GK (St. Jerome) & Austin Scott, PGK (St. Coleman)
  • 2020: John Lynch, GK (St. Jerome) & Austin Scott, PGK (St. Coleman)
  • 2019: Austin Scott, GK/DD (St. Coleman) & David Bernert, PGK (Our Lady Queen of Martyrs)
  • 2018: Austin Scott, GK (St. Coleman) & John Hooper (St. John the Baptist)
  • 2017: Austin Scott, GK (St. Coleman) & Albert Souckar, PGK (Blessed Sacrament)
  • 2016: Austin Scott, GK (St. Coleman) & Joseph Miele (St. Pius X)
  • 2015: Albert Souckar, PGK (Blessed Sacrament) & Austin Scott (St. Coleman)
  • 2014: Scott Knight, GK (St. Pius X) & John Moorman (St. Henry)

Supreme Convention

  • Austin Scott (2017, 2019)

The Council elects two delegates (& two alternates) every Feb./March to the State Convention, held in May, in recent years always in Orlando. Those delegates then participate in voting for delegates to the Supreme Convention, held in early August each year – with representatives coming from around the world to a location in the United States or Canada. In the future, we will try and research all of our Delegates since we were chartered in November 1947.